Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I simply cannot believe it is 2009! 2008 was an amazing year for me! I had the worst heartache I think I have ever felt and yet I also was given the most joy I have ever felt. Greg says, "what was so hard?" I think he forgets I wasn't pregnant the whole year! In May, I thought, I'm going to lose my mind if I can't get pregnant. Little did I know just a month later I would become pregnant! I sit here typing thinking about what I will be able to talk about next year! We will know Burke, we will have held him for almost a year, we will have seen his first smile, smelled his sweet skin, kissed him time and time again, witnessed his first crawl, heard his first laugh, oh the list could go on and on.

So here is a recap of the last year!

In January I took my only trip to my parents. Little did I know I was to become pregnant and would not be able to travel for nine months. Heather, Summer, Lilly, and I surprised my mom for her 57th Birthday!

February 7, I turned 33! Yep, it's true, I know, I know, I only look 27!

In March, my parents came for Easter. We all went to San Antonio as my sister was very pregnant and could no longer travel.

March Madness Baby! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! We saw the Jayhawks win a National Championship title! We had a blast cheering on the Jayhawks!

April 19, Adalynn Brooke was born! I have another niece! I love those girls so much!

June 16, Greg turned 33! Everyone ask what a young girl like me is doing with such an old man! haha!

June 25, the BIGGEST day for Greg and I! I found out I am pregnant!

June 29, we made a quick trip to our hometown in Kansas to see our grandparents. We were able to see other family members and several friends!

July 30, we got to see our baby for the third time. He was already beautiful!

September 24, We are having a BOY!

September 25, we saw Dr. K and he said our baby boy looks GREAT!

October 6, we announced our baby boy's name is Burke William!

Thanksgiving, all my family came to Houston for the holiday!

December 15, Burke is growing big! Dr. K says he looks good, but big...he may come early!

December 25, My parents came for Christmas and surprise Greg and I!

I want to wish you all a wonderful 2009! Like I said, I can't imagine the fun Greg and I will have in 2009! Thank you for reading my blog, for praying for me and Burke, and for being my friend...even those of you I may never meet!



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