Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There is always a reason....

I was frustrated and annoyed. I am doing OK though, because now I know why things are taking a little longer. We saw my OB today. Burke has decided he likes where he is at and did not "drop". I still only have a 50% chance of a successful delivery. So, it was decided I will have a C-Section on January 27. Burke is doing well in my womb and since things are going so well my OB thinks we should give Burke an extra week to get ready. Obviously, I was sad, BUT I want my baby healthy and I don't want him to come on my time schedule, but when he will have the best chance to be a healthy baby boy!

I called my mom when we got home. Mom has been battling what we thought was a sinus infection. I guess last night she got pretty bad and went to the doctor again this morning. She has pneumonia! She won't even return to work until next Tuesday. So, as sad as I was about waiting another week to meet Burke I quickly saw that there was a reason, as my mom would not be healthy enough to come. Now the really neat part is that Burke will be born on his Grandma's Birthday, January 27! So we must get my mom well so she can meet her grand baby.

My anxiety level got pretty high today and I am still pretty anxious. I worry about Burke. Even though I know my body is the safest place for him, I worry. Have I told you all I am a worry wart? I am. I don't know what I will do with myself for the next 13 days. I guess I will cook some meals, bake some cookies, read my book for my book club...especially since now I can attend the next meeting, and of course, clean.

I see my OB next Tuesday. I'll continue to keep you posted if anything were to change!




Michelle said...

I am stalking you!!! Do you scrapbook? Remember to get some sleep while you can!

Carrie Cummings said...

Bummer, Alicia - but every extra week his lungs get stronger, and vision gets better, and it will be for the best. And I KNOW that you want your mom there, so I'm sure there's some relief in knowing that she'll have time to recuperate - she's going to need to be 100% to help you out!
Now you and I have some extra time to squeeze in another get-together perhaps!