Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just so excited!

So tomorrow we find out if I will have a c-section or be induced. I talked to my good friend Jinny over the weekend. Jinny is a Neonatologist, and she said exactly what I was thinking. Pushing a seven pound baby out doesn't sound so great, having abdominal surgery certainly doesn't sound fun...now tell me what is option "C"?! It is nice to know even doctor's think birth sounds rather scary!

I am so excited! I mean so excited. I am not sleeping so great, I am so excited! Once I wake up for my third restroom trip in five hours, I just can't get back to sleep. I start picturing in my head what Burke will look like. I think about how I hope he is healthy, how I want him to be a nice person (sometimes in my childhood I wasn't very nice...it is VERY important to me that my son be friendly to EVERYONE), will he look like Greg? will he look like me? will his head be big like Greg's?(did I just type that?) haha! Greg does have a big head! I think about the photo ops of him with his doting little cousins. I think about my conversation with my niece Summer over the phone on Saturday...she is six.
Me: Your cousin Burke will be here in 11 days!
Summer: Burke will be here in 11 days?
Me: Yes, Auntie will finally hold Burkie
Summer: Don't push too hard because you know if you do it will come out the other end!
Me: cracking up...did Gregie tell you that or Daddy?
Summer: I just know, if you push to hard it will come out your other end!
I hear my sister in the back ground saying "Summer did you just say what I think you said?". Summer said, "it's true Mom"!

We are on the countdown! I just can't wait to meet my baby boy that feels like I've waited forever for! Please pray that my doctor makes the right decision for Burke and I. I am not afraid of the pain...I really am not. I am afraid of the medication that will cause contractions. Crazy, huh? I'll let you all know when the date is and how Burke is going to arrive tomorrow!




Michelle said...

Am I really the first commenter again? My friend I am sitting in my living room crying, you do that to me you know. I have three with big heads they are stinkin' cute and your little guy will be stinkin' cute belong belief. Hopefully I will get my show in gear and get your gift to you before you get it. I am so excited! I'll be praying for a quick delivery, I had Shane all 10lbs. of him 7 minutes after I got to the hospital, yes natural. You will do great!!!

Jen said...

Well I can't help but comment. Your son will grow up just fine! You will be a wonderful mother. We all were not very nice at one time or another in our childhood, ok so maybe I was always nice.(not) But you always want better for your children, and I try to teach my to be kind to everyone, like I wasnt always. Oh if we only knew then, what we know now! But, I never let anyone mess with Alicia! I miss you. Hope everything goes well. I only wish I could have started this journey earlier with you. Love you Jen