Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 20 or 21, 2009

My news is VERY exciting, but I wanted more...more concrete news. Let me start at Tuesday. We saw Dr. K on Tuesday. Burke looked great again. In fact, at first he looked so good that Dr. K said, "we will go to 38 weeks." I was surprised as I had been told 36-37 weeks for induction. No biggie...I just want Burke to be healthy. Then he said, "do you see that? That is calcification on the placenta". That means the placenta is deteriorating. 37 weeks it is. We will induce at 37 weeks. Stop the Lovenox on the 17th of January, and induce on the 19th of January. Can you be ready in 12 days?". I was a little scared with the whole placenta thing, but I know I am going to one of Houston's best. I was thrilled as 12 days is right around the corner. We told Dr. K thank you for taking such good care of Burke and I and we said our goodbyes. I won't see him again unless I get pregnant again. Greg and I were/are on cloud nine. I counted out ten shots...that is all I had left if I was to stop them on the 17th. I also, though felt that Dr. P may change the plans a little. He may not be on call, Monday may not work for him, etc. So I hesitated to tell anyone...just family.

Today I took number 2 of my 10 last shots and headed to see Dr. P. Dr. P asked if I wanted to try to have a regular delivery. I said "yes, but I will do whatever to keep Burke safe". He said, hummm......Long story short, we won't have Burke on Monday the 19th. We will either have him Tuesday or Wednesday! I know that is only a day different, but I WANTED TO KNOW MY EXACT DATE TODAY!!! And the big thing is he may come C-Section. It seems Burke is still quite comfy and has made no plans to move into place for the big day. Dr. P feels my chances of a successful delivery are only about 50%. Since I am high risk everything changes. Everything is looked at and evaluated just a little more than on an average lady. I could be induced and still have to have a C-Section. So, we wait and see. Next Wed. we go in for another ultrasound, if Burke is over 7 pounds or/if Burke is not engaged (getting into place for birth) we will have a C-Section. I often joked that a c-section would be so much easier, but I never dreamed I would need to have one. I am a little surprised, incredibly excited, and extremely nervous. I just wanted that exact date, but we got pretty close. Burke will be here on January 20th or the 21st.

So the countdown is on! I have 12 or 13 days left before I meet my precious baby boy. The boy who I begged God for... who will take my breath away... who I will kiss over and over again... and love more than life itself.

Until next week!



Carrie Cummings said...

That is exciting news indeed! Just to have a ballpark couple of days is great! I hope you don't have to have surgery, but having had two and another one this March, it will be okay either way! Can't wait to chat more on Friday!

Michelle said...

I am in my living room crying, crying, crying...I will try to get your gift in the mail ASAP I want you to have it before he gets here. Wow, I am sooo happy for you my friend! I am putting those two dates in my palm so I will be sure to start the day praying and continue to pray all day.

Carrie said...

Oh Alicia, I am sitting here reading your blog and just blubbering. 12 days to Mommyhood!!! WooHoooooo!!!

Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

Well, the big day is now literally just around the corner! I can't wait to see your smiling face next to his chubby little cheeks on this blog! CONGRATULATIONS ALICIA! It won't be long now. You & Greg go have a date night. VERY SPECIAL, nothing just run of the mill! Soak it up, every minute~parenthood is coming. Like me, I know you welcome all of it with open arms. This is so exciting! Keep us posted.

Jen P.