Monday, December 29, 2008

34 Weeks and my Christmas Surprise!

I am 34 weeks this week! As I sit and type this Burke is moving all over it feels like! What a wonderful feeling. I've been told that once you have your baby you will miss the feeling of having them inside you. I can definitely see how you can miss this.

Greg and I got quite the surprise early Christmas morning. Around 2:00 a.m. the doorbell started ringing nonstop. Greg flew out of bed and went to the door. There stood my parents in Santa hats ringing jingle bells! Talk about thrilled and surprised! Have I mentioned that I have the BEST parents?! Goodness gracious did they surprise us! It was one of the best surprises! Of course, my mom had brought all the groceries for our Christmas dinner and then some! We had made plans to go to our dear friends, Carrie and Brian's, for Christmas dinner, so Mom knew I would not have any dinner planned. She came in with a cooler full of food! I was so happy to see them. Mom and Dad stayed until Sunday morning, so we had a great visit with them. My sister and her family came Friday and just left today. We had a wonderful holiday together. We ate too much, played tons of cards, I watched others enjoy coffee and beer, and just enjoyed hanging out! Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

Greg goes back to work tomorrow. I am so bummed that he has to go back. Greg spoiled me and got me the Coach handbag and wallet for Christmas that I had been wanting. You know the one that I lost the bet over. Well, I never went and bought it for myself. I just couldn't. I love the purse and am so glad he got it for me...even though he went way over our set amount to spend on each other this year. I got Greg the newspaper from when the Jayhawks won the NCAA tournament framed. It looks great!

Here is a picture of my Gregie...I rarely get a good picture of him so I had to include it! Isn't he a cutie!

The best present was having all my family here though. Greg and I had a fun time! I thought a lot over Christmas how next year will be so different! I really can't imagine! Neither Greg nor I can wait to be Santa. Even though we know Burke won't have a clue what is going on...we will and we are excited!

I couldn't leave out my nieces Summer and Lilly...they are just too cute!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I see my OB again on Wed. I go every week from now on. I will update if anything were to change.




Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

Oh YAY! Surprises all around! That is wonderful! I am SO happy for you that your parents & family were able to join you for the holiday after all. That is just terrific ! & BTW, let's see a pic of that coach wallet & purse! Good job Greg. I am sure he knows that very soon those indulgences will likely be few & far between as you will be more inclined to spend on Burke! I know that day has already come, but it is great that he spoiled you a bit over Christmas as well! You look great!

Jen P.

Carrie Cummings said...

What a fun Christmas surprise! You do have some great parents! And how sweet of Greg to break the price limit and spoil you with the purse/wallet. I love it when Christmas is full of surprises

Wendy said...

Oh my gosh that's so exciting!!! Although I don't know them, I LOVE your parents. I can't believe they showed up at 2am with jingle bells!!!