Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hi Friends and Family!

I just can't believe today is Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is my favorite day! I love it, in that I am always with my family, cooking, baking, giving my dad a hard time about not making the Bierocks correctly, being too hot with the oven on and the fire place roaring, drinking so much coffee that I can't sit still, playing cards, eating too much, but mainly being with my family! Christmas Eve is just the best to me. Don't get me wrong, Christmas Day is wonderful. But once the presents are open it is always kind of a let down to me. This year I am so thankful for baby Burke. So thrilled that he is doing so awesome. So thankful that I get to meet him in less than two months. So incredibly thankful that miracles still happen to very ordinary people. I am sad though too. It is just Greg and I. I have been sad since Thanksgiving. I feel bad that I am sad, I have so much to be thankful for this Christmas, but my heart hurts not seeing my parents and sister. I am a 33 year old baby.

We saw my OB yesterday. Burke is doing wonderful! There is only one thing that is driving both Greg and I crazy. You see, Greg makes decisions all day. He is a manager for the railroad and they are pretty significant decisions. He always gets an outcome. If the outcome isn't good, he fixes it. I am a planner. I know what we will be having for supper at eight in the morning. I make lists and generally I achieve everything on my list. Obviously, I am not like Greg, but I control everything in my life. Well, being pregnant is different. Nothing is definite. We are told one thing, but everything can change. We want to know our baby will be born on this day. Unfortunately, that just isn't how pregnancy works. It is a wait and see game. A game that is driving us crazy! We don't want Burke to come too early, obviously, but we REALLY want to know when we get to hold him, see him, and give him tons of kisses.

This year will be our 16th Christmas together! I can't imagine how exciting next Christmas will be with Baby Burke! This Christmas already feels extra special, because Burke is with us. I just can't imagine how next year will be! Greg and I bought a video camera yesterday...a family present. Just think...next year you all will be watching video of my baby boy opening his presents from Santa! God is so good.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!


Alicia and Burke

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