Wednesday, October 29, 2008

25 Weeks!

I am 25 weeks and three days! I can't believe how quickly being pregnant has gone. I mean some days are slow, but for the most part it is flying by. Greg and I had a nice time while he was off. Greg got lots of stuff done. And for the most part we are ready for Burke to arrive. His nursery is adorable! I will post pictures when it is completely finished. We took a quick trip to San Antonio and that was fun! My sister helped me get registered at Babies R Us. Wow! That store is amazing! I think I went a little crazy with the scanner, but it sure was fun to dream and wish! Actually, if I get nothing but Burke all my dreams will come true.

So this week I am experiencing back pain big time! And let me tell you it isn't so fun. Last night I woke up on my back (which is a no no, I know, but I didn't purposely lay in that position) and it was killing me! OMGosh it was hurting. It was miserable. I tossed and turned all night. This morning I feel fine, but sleeping was not enjoyable. Other than the back pain I still feel great! I have started to gain weight, which I knew was inevitable, but I was sure hoping to not gain any until the last month. I have officially gained seven pounds. I have a never ending craving for sweets. Maybe it is the Halloween candy, but it is a sweet tooth like I have never had. This concerns me as Burke's daddy has a major sweet tooth! Whenever I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth I simply say, "Burke wanted it". It seems to work quite well! Greg doesn't give me any grief!

We received the awesome Cd's that I told you all about. Love, love, love, them. In fact, I told myself to stop listening to them as I don't want to be sick of them by the time Burke arrives!

I think of Burke pretty much all the time. I have my concerns about being a good enough Mom. About making sure his childhood is as full as mine was. About giving him everything Greg didn't have. About being positive enough, patient enough, confident enough, calm enough, etc. Greg and I have been married almost 15 years. Our life is going to change and it will never be the same. It is a wonderful feeling, but at times it makes me scared. God gave me this incredible gift and I just want to be the Mom that I know I was meant to be. All I want is to be Super Mom! I hope my expectations aren't too high!

Happy Halloween!



Anonymous said...

OMG, I had the worst sweet tooth with both my kids! Don't worry, babies need their Vitamin M (M&Ms) as much as everything else! ha ha! Glad you're doing great, sorry to hear about the back pain. uhhhggg! -Jen Keeton

Michelle said...

you my friend will be a fantastic mom and my test was negative, with all the test I had in the hospital recently a negative test was what I was praying for...