Thursday, October 16, 2008

23 Weeks!!

Our nursery furniture arrived last Thursday! Can you say excited! When Greg got home there were five large boxes on our patio. I thought Greg would probably wait and set all the furniture up on the weekend. Nope! He got right to work. He had the crib assembled in about an hour. Our only hang up was the side that slides up and down. I have asked around and it seems most parents have problems with that side! He set up the bookshelf on Friday and we are waiting for the dresser to be delivered. We were super busy!

Greg had three days off and I can't say we did anything other than nest! We worked on the back yard, decorated for fall, hung three ceiling fans (which is mandatory in Houston), and we went to Target to register. Our Target had been damaged in the hurricane so I went to the new Target. It was so picked over. It was terrible. We went ahead and scanned a few things, but today I am headed to Babies R Us to register. The most exciting thing is, that I found the stroller of my dreams! I absolutely love it and it is a must for someone with RA. I am so excited to stroll Burke around in it!

My sister and nieces weren't able to come last weekend so they will be here tomorrow. My niece Addy, who is just five months old had to have surgery. It was nothing too major, but poor Addy had a rough go. Hopefully she will be back to her old self when she gets here.

Greg starts vacation on Sunday! Yahoo!!! His last vacation was Thanksgiving of last year. It was our choice to wait this long. But I must say his vacation is much needed. I just hope we don't kill each other spending nine days together! Haha!

Burke is moving more and more each day! It is such a wonderful feeling! I just love it. I know I type that every week,'s just an amazing feeling! People have asked how my RA is doing. It is actually doing very well. I have had a couple days where I don't feel so great, but usually if I just rest I feel better. I can honestly say that I have never felt this free of symptoms since I was diagnosed eight years ago. All the powerful drugs don't compare to the antibodies that baby Burke is putting into my system. Truly a God thing.

Until week 24!



Carrie Cummings said...

I'm so glad that your RA isn't giving you too much trouble. I was just wondering about that the other day. The crib looks precious - and yes, we all seem to have issues with the side that lowers. I can't wait to see your registry - so exciting!

Marcy said...

Ooo, nursery funiture! So fun!!! Have a great time decorating the nursery!!! We decorated so long ago (2 years ago) but I remember how much fun it was!!