Wednesday, October 22, 2008

24 Weeks!

Everything is going great! I saw my OB yesterday and he was very happy with how Burke is progressing. I am doing a 24 hour urine collection to get a base line of protein in my urine. My OB does this for anyone who has had high blood pressure in the past. Which I have. I do not currently have high blood pressure, but he wants to have a base line test in case my blood pressure were to increase. So I am having fun today collecting my urine! Sorry if that was too much info!

Greg is on vacation this week! Yahoo! Since we can't travel we are just relaxing around the house. There were still a few "to do" things left, but we are wrapping them all up. I am going to get the curtains hung today in Burke's room. His room is looking very cute...I must say!

I found the neatest lullaby songs! I just have to share them. I love music and I am a die hard lover of The Smashing Pumpkins. Greg loves Metalica and we both like U2. I found lullaby's made by our favorite rock bands to the songs we grew up singing, or should I say rocking out too! If you take the link from this page, scroll down a bit and you will see where you can listen to samples. I just placed my order today! I just loved them and I'm sure Burke will too! Let me know what you think!

My lovely nieces were here this past weekend. It was so great to see them! I have really missed them. The girls were pretty excited to see the crib in Auntie's house! I love those girls so much! Here are a few pictures!

I hope this finds you all doing well. Thanks for stopping by! Take care and check out those lullaby songs! They ROCK!




Marcy said...

I LOVE the Smashing Pumpkins, Alicia!!!


Marcy said...

Oh my gosh....they have Coldplay and Nirvana lullabyes, too!! And U2...awesome!! This is so cool! I'm glad you found these!


Carrie Cummings said...

You still look great, Alicia - can't wait to see you next Thursday!

Michelle said...

Hey girl, pray for me...I'll be taking a pregnancy test tonight or right before church tomorrow, feeling very conflicted and scared beyond words, of course I know you understand happy for you!!!

Laura S said...

I am going to have to check out those songs! I'm finding lots of neat relaxing Tibetan ballads that would be neat for a lullaby, too...hee hee...
And please, if collecting urine was too much info...then my "worm" incident is WAY over the top...ok, so I is...haha!
See you VERY soon! Kisses to Burke!