Wednesday, October 1, 2008

21 Weeks!

Our little baby boy is making his mama smile all the time. I am finally able to feel the little guy moving, wiggling, maybe even punting! Last Friday, I had been busy all day. I finally laid down as I was exhausted. Suddenly, I felt him. I felt my baby boy! Five days later, it seems that I feel him more and more often. I was stressing that I hadn't felt him. My OB kept saying, "you'll feel him". He was right and what a feeling it is!! So, you want to know our baby boy's name? OK...I'll tell you next week!

This past weekend we did some serious shopping. We bought the baby's nursery bedding. PBK had the set I liked on sale. I knew once it went on sale it would sell out. So, Saturday night we went down and bought it! I love it! I also, had to break down and buy some maternity shirts. Suddenly all my shirts became belly shirts. Not cool! My sister, and friend, Carrie, will be proud of me!

Of course, once I had the bedding all bought I knew I needed to buy the actual furniture. Well, I've been dragging my feet on this one as the baby room had become the "catch all" room. Monday, Greg started moving stuff. And before I knew it we had already gotten a lot done. I am almost finished. I've had to do a lot of sorting and debating if I really like some of the decor that I have that hasn't been out since our last move two years ago. I decided I didn't. I have the donation center coming tomorrow and I have three boxes full of stuff. Plus, I am a scrapbooker. And I think all srapbookers will agree...we simply get too much stuff. We like everything, but we always find something else we like better and end up having a TON of stuff that is never used. I confess I think I am a pack rat.

I read in my nursing book that anything that annoyed you before the baby will totally annoy you once you have the baby, i.e. my disaster of a closet! So, as soon as I type this I am going to go tackle the closet. More stuff to donate, I'm sure of that!

I have to tell you real quick what a good wife I am. After our big appointment at Dr.K's last Thursday. I told Greg I wanted Ben and Jerry's Ice cream...the best ice cream in the world. Well, as we were driving there Greg said "well the Gingerman is right down the road, I could sure go for a celebration beer". I smiled and said, "sure honey, I'd love to go sit and watch you drink a beer and then drive home in Houston rush hour"! Greg was happy, and it was a nice day to sit outside and drink water!!

I hope you all are having a great week! It is starting to feel fall like here. I love it! Certainly, not like fall in Lawrence, KS, but it is cooling off.

Until next week!



Greg said...

To clarify on the beer comment, we also bought clothes for the baby while we were down there, so it wasn't all about me.
I am a lucky guy though, I have to admit. The beer was delicious and I have the best wife in the world. Thank you Alicia.


Marcy said...

Dear Alicia,

Thank you for always posting such encouraging sentiments on my blog!! We can use all the good mojo we can get, so thank you!! I'm enjoying reading your blog every day!


p.s. hey, can you email me?...marcy91969(at) have a question for you!

Carrie Cummings said...

The Gingerman is also a favorite establishment of us Longhorns - although we've only been to the one in Austin. I'm sure that Scott will be interested to know about the one in Houston as well!

Cute bedding!!

Laura S said...

I LOVE the PBK set! So adorable!

and for the record - you are a great wife for going to the Gingerman! haha!

You are so busy!! Just think, it will all pay off when "Baby Jayhawk" arrives and everything is done!

amybeth said...

You have no idea how much fun you are going to have having a boy! It is just the best. Boys LOVE their momma's! I was secretly wishing you would have a boy- it will be so fun for our girls to have big brothers. Congrats!!!!!