Monday, October 6, 2008

Our baby boy has a name!

The name was decided on many years ago. It was decided when we were going to college and had no idea how long it would be before getting the chance to give a cute little baby boy his name. The thing was we forgot about that name. We had selected three names we liked. For some reason I couldn't commit. Then, Greg said, "what happened to Burke?" I said, "that's his name!" I knew that moment that was my baby's name. Burke William. Where did Burke come from you ask? We had a friend in college. Ryan Burke. Everyone called him Burke. And I loved that name. William is Greg's middle name. When I found out we were having a boy I just had to give him Greg's middle name. Doesn't it sound perfect?! He is my little Burkie. He has a cute name, but a strong name. His name is not popular..which if you know me, you knew I wouldn't pick a popular name. His name is different, but not too different, it's perfect!

I am 22 weeks today! I can't believe it. I had Greg take my picture this weekend and I do look a little pregnant! I gained two pounds in one week. Wow! How in the world did that happen? I feel great though. I sleep like a baby, except when I wake up to go to the bathroom. Then Burke gives me a little squirm and I can't fall back asleep. I am too excited to sleep. I just love how it feels to feel him. I am still walking two miles a day and enjoy it thoroughly again. There was a time it was just too much work, but it isn't now. Life is very good!

I wanted to tell you about my friend Marcy. She follows my blog and I follow her blog. We both are in line to adopt from China, we both are Jayhawks, we both love Kansas. Both of our lives have taken a different turn, as Marcy, is now adopting from Kazygstan, and as you all know, I am pregnant. Marcy sent me the cutest gift this last week. I wanted to show you all!

Cute isn't it! And Burke will love it! Thanks again Marcy! I really hope we can meet up in KC sometime!

This past week we ordered Burke's furniture! I finally got all the sorting done, the closets are cleaned, and the drawers are semiorganized! Thursday night we sat down and made our big purchase. I love what we got Burke. I am a very light furniture girl. Our master bedroom is white wood. Our living room is white and honey. Our dinning room is a darker honey. I knew if I had a boy I wanted his room to be a dark Espresso! I LOVE it! I just can't wait to have it in his room!

Ok, this is getting a little long. My sister and nieces will be here Friday. I can't wait to see them! I plan on doing some scrapbooking this week...I need to get caught up!

Burke and I thank you for checking in on us. If you click on the pictures you can see the ultrasound and the china set better. Of course, you can also see that my skin is very blotchy during this pregnancy. I hear that is normal?!




Marcy said...

Burke William!! Awwww, so cool! I love names that aren't used by everyone and their dog!

Glad you like the KU dinnerware! I hope Burke will like it, too!!


Karin said...

awe, cute name! boy names are difficult to pic, in my opinion and I think you did a good job!
acne and greasy hair were my best friends during my pregnancy.

Carrie Cummings said...

What a great name, Alicia! I'm glad you shared it with us, so we can already associate a name with a bump. You look great in your pictures!

Michelle said...

Girl I am soooooo happy for you!!!!

Kelly said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!! I know you went through infertility much longer than me but I know how you feel about being so excited you can hardly sleep - isn't it wonderful?
I love the name Burke. - that's where you can get the onesie - isn't it perfect?

Kara said...

That name is just precious! What a lucky little boy to get to come into this world surrounded by so much love! Congratulations!!
As I just noticed Kelly already answered you about where I got the onesies check them out!!

Linda Crew said...

HI Alicia! You probably don't even remember me. I was on one of your weight loss sites as China Mama or somesuch and we corresponded a bit. I haven't checked your blog for ages and I'm so thrilled to see that you are pregnant! Congratulations! Having been through infertility myself, I can just imagine how excited you were when you got that positive test. I think those two days (I have three kids, one set of twins so two pregnancies) were the happiest of my life. Tonight my baby (one of the twins and now 22) is home for the weekend. His name is William! Good choice! Hope all goes well and you get that little girl from China too. I ended up getting the girl from China as a darling daughter-in-law to my oldest son.

Michelle said...

girl you need to update this blog!!

Sarah said...

Love the name Burke!! Can't wait to see pics of that nursery!! Where are you registered??