Thursday, November 6, 2008

26 Weeks!!!

Burke and I are doing well. Last Sunday, Greg was finally able to feel Burke move/kick. We were lying in bed and Greg was resting his hand on my belly. Almost immediately Burke gave his Daddy a little kick. It was great! I had been rather sad as Greg still had not felt Burke. I have told you all this before, that my stomach is my biggest weight problem area so I knew it would be a while before Greg would be able to feel him. But finally at 26 weeks Burke wanted to let his Daddy know he just may grow up to be a punter for KU! I slept so good that night!

We see Dr. P on Monday for my Gestational Diabetes screening. I am nervous about this test as I know I am higher risk to get it. Greg has reassured me that if I get it he will follow the same diet. What a great hubby I have.

To all the parents or even soon to be parents, I have a question. When you became pregnant or when you got close to your adoption, did it seem every expense possible came up? Since becoming pregnant, our Air Conditioner has went out twice, our refrigerator has went out, our spa heater went out, our pool pump had issues, and now today I found out we have roof damage from Hurricane Ike. It just seems it has been one thing after another. It is starting to get old!

I need to get this posted so I'm going to wrap it up. I hope you all have a great weekend.




Karin said...

yes. I can't remember all, but yes! My friend's due at the beginning of Feb. with her 2nd, and just like with her 1st, her husband just lost his job in the 5th month. both times! same thing!

Carrie Cummings said...

Hey Alicia - Yes it happens. Things have gone awry both previous pregnancies, well past the halfway point of both pregnancies. I guess it's life's little way of bursting the baby bubble a little!
That's great that Greg got to feel Burke kick - there's nothing like laying in bed together and feeling a baby move around. Wait until ya'll are able to see identifiable body parts!