Monday, November 10, 2008

Gestational Diabetes screening and a Bet

I have been dreading this day. I just feel rather confident I have gestational diabetes. I am at high risk because, 1. I am overweight, 2. I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, 3. I am over the age of 30. I have been dying of thirst for about four days, which is a sign of diabetes. I am leaving to have my screening done here shortly. Please pray I don't have this. While I know it won't be the end of the world, I know that I can control it, I just don't want to have this to worry about too.
I have made a CRAZY bet with Greg. Basically, I am so sure I have this diabetes crap that I made a horrendous bet. If I don't have diabetes then I must buy, my oh so addicted husband, a Playstation 3. Keep in mind he already has an XBOX 360 and a Wii. But if God forbid I do have GD I get a new Coach handbag. Go ahead, tell me how crazy I am. But first pray I am at Best Buy buying a Playstation 3!

I'll keep you posted on the results.



Journey to Mia Lynn: said...

You guys are SO funny Alicia! Hubby Thomas has a PlayStation 3 & I have a Coach purse (or two~), but I must follow that up by saying that I buy my handbags second hand at the GoodWill usually. Love second time around shops! The other day found an awesome Kate Moss bag at the GoodWill for $2.99! As much as I know a gal loves a new handbag~I am praying & routing for hubby on this one! (but only cuz it involves the health of you & Burke~otherwise, I would be all of routing for the bag!)

Karin said...

you can never have too many game systems~ we have an xbox (old school), game cube, Wii, and my favorite: Nintendo DS that I play EVERY NIGHT in bed he he :)

Anonymous said...

while I hope you DON'T have it, how fun would a new coach purse be?!
Anyway, thought I would share that while I was pregnant, I was also 1) overweight and 2) had PCOS and turned out just fine :)