Tuesday, November 18, 2008

28 Weeks and a shower!

I am 28 weeks and two days! I made it to my third trimester! It was a cause for a celebration so we went and bought the stroller of my dreams. I have been very wishy washy about buying this stroller, but when the price went up I knew I better go ahead and buy the stroller. I will post some pictures of it soon!

I had my first shower this last weekend! It was wonderful. My little sister made me so proud. Saying thank you seems so inadequate. Heather, you did a wonderful job! I had adorable M&M's with "Baby Burke" and "Handsome Boy" on them! Way cute! She had a fruit arrangement done by Edible Arrangements...it was so pretty I hated to eat it! She got Burke adorable clothes, she filled my diaper bag to the brim with all the things I need, but best of all, her husband, gave my mom a free ticket to come to the shower! I knew God blessed me with my sister and he keeps blessing me with her. She is my best friend and the one person who knows me inside and out. Thank you Heather from the bottom of my heart!

My friend Hillary came from Ft. Worth with the most beautiful cake! It truly was one of the neatest gifts! Hillary has recently started baking cakes and I do believe it is her calling! Hillary is married to Greg's friend Hervey who also works for the railroad. They are our friends who we always see when we go to Ft. Worth. It meant so much to Greg and I that they made the trip for our shower!

I got lots of great gifts for Burke! He is so blessed...people love him so much! I guess when people know you would give your right arm to have a baby, well the baby is maybe just a little extra special....maybe I am biased. We had a wonderful Saturday and while I was nervous to be the center of attention I had a great time! I was so happy that my mom was here, that my sister did this for me, and for the friends that I have.

The only bummer is that Greg and I are both sick today. We had sore throats yesterday and still do today. Poor Greg...today is his first day to work 12 straight, so please pray he finds time to go to the doctor and that he gets well soon. I know he won't call in sick. In eight years with the RR he has only left one day to be sick. I am headed to the doctor here shortly...hopefully it is nothing.

I have another shower this weekend given by my great friends Karin and Stephanie. I am looking forward to this one just as much as I was the other! I will upload some pictures soon, but I just don't feel so good now.

Have a great week!



Stacey said...

Congratulations on your long awaited baby!!!

Andrea B. - your favorite nurse :-) said...

Well it sounds like you had a wonderful shower. I can't wait to see pictures. You are truley blessed. I am glad to see that your pregnancy is going so well. Not too much longer...what...10 weeks left?? Well girl I'll see you at your next appointment! If you need anything just give me a jingle!!