Monday, February 2, 2009

Mugshot Monday

A friend of mine does this on her blog. I will post my favorite pictures of Burke for the previous week. I can't say I won't post other photos through the week, but on Monday I will post my favorites. I am so excited to actually have a blog with a baby as the main attraction. Burke is so stinking cute! I know I am his mother, but he is ADORABLE!! I am so in love with my little guy! Today we had our first outing. We went to Target and Toys R Us. We were back at home for Burke's 3:00 p.m. feeding. Burke has had more awake time today and it is fun to watch him look around. He has a new friend, his pacifier! Some people don't like paci's but I do. I like how babies look with them. After Burke had blood work done he came back sucking a mile a minute on the pacifier. It was so cute. At first, we didn't want him to use one, but I caved yesterday and gave in. He is even more adorable when he is sucking away on that thing! Enjoy the pictures!


Alicia and Burkie


Carrie Cummings said...

I love pacifiers too - mine both loved them for just long enough and then when it was time to ditch them, they didn't put up too hard of a fight - more painless than we thought, and totally worth them having for comfort! He looks precious in that adorable circus bedding.

Michelle said...

I tried to do without a pacifer with Alyssa and will now be paying for braces because without a pacifer she discovered her thumb, yikes! He is too stinkin' cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture in his bed - the color is great!
Glad the outing was good for all 3.
He is adorable though in anything; but then hee is "Grandma's Prince Charming"

Love Grandma