Friday, February 13, 2009

Help! Advice Needed!

Burke is doing wonderful! He s simply the best baby I have ever known! He is not fussy, he is one cool cucumber...just like his Daddy, which is good because as I've told you I'm uptight! He got his days and nights figured out which is great! He loves going for walks with Mommy. He does tummy time and doesn't get too upset. He loves his swing, his bouncy and of course, he loves to be held and look at Mommy and Daddy. He makes me smile from ear to ear. My heart has never been fuller. Oh and he is ADORABLE!!! But we have one problem and I need help! We cannot figure out the diapers. We have leaks every day. I can change him every hour or ever three hours, but we are going to have a leak. It is always on his right side. Yesterday, we went through four outfits in 12 hours! Now, remember we come from a family of girls. They never had leaks. Maybe a poopy blow out every now and then but never a urine leak. We started out using Pampers. Everyone said use Pampers. Last night I bought Huggies. Last night we had our first night leak, so no to the Huggies. Does anyone have any advice? What are we doing wrong? We make the diaper tight, we pull it up high, we keep it down low, but we have leaks! I'm asking all three of you who read my blog to give me some advice! I need it! And I need advice from mothers of boys!

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

I found that we always had major leaks when we needed to move up a size!! we used pampers swaddlers, then went to pampers baby dry

Heather said...

Hi Alicia...glad to hear all is well. I agree with the previous poster you might need to size up or you could possibly be using a size too big. I have done both. I also found that I had leak problems with both Pampers and Huggies so I tried Luvs. If I used the right size :) I have never had a leak. Good luck!


Carrie Cummings said...

I'm so glad to hear his nights and days are getting straight! I mostly used Huggies with Jake and a combo of Pampers and Huggies with Ben. Usually leaks meant that we needed to go up a size. But I have to tell you, diaper snob that I was, I deigned to have to try Luvs once, and I actually ended up liking them - so don't hesitate to try a small pack of el cheapos - they might just do it for you.

christine said...

I used and swore by huggies for the first three and then that same thing happens so for Presley it was pampers. Also boys parts usually sway one way or another so make sure he is pointed straight down and put the diaper on snug and his butt at the very bottom. Because you say the leak is always on the right I would try the positioning thing first!! Good luck.


Michelle said...

Hate that I have no new answer anytime we had leaks we needed the next size and I don't think it's always about their weight I used pampers for one and the next one huggies because that's what worked, do you know how awesome it is to answer baby questions for you?