Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Mugshot

Thank you all for commenting about my leak problem. I am happy to say "problem solved". I think it is a combined effort of "tucking" and getting the diaper up high enough in the back. We have not had a leak since late Friday evening! Burke wore the same outfit all day Saturday and Sunday! Yeah!!

I forgot to mention last week that Burke is weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces. Burke and I made a quick trip to the Pediatrician's office on Tuesday as he had a sucking blister on his lip. I'm glad we went even if it was something that is no big deal as we were able to get a weight check. I was so happy that Burke is up to almost 7 and a half pounds!

A few things about Burke. He hates socks. I mean really doesn't like them. He doesn't like blankets either except his Miracle Blanket, which Burke loves and we love! If you haven't heard of it go check it out here. He will kick off his blanket unless it is the Miracle Blanket. His poor little skin is like mine. Very sensitive and dry. Poor guy. He loves to go on walks. Yeah! We are up to walking about a mile a day. Hopefully this week we will start 1.5 miles. I just worry as it is spring in Houston which means rain. I don't want to get him to far from home and then it start to rain. He is much too sweet and will melt! And he could care less about Riley. I'm sure that will change, but right now he doesn't seem to realize he is different from his Mom and Dad!

On to the pictures!


Michelle said...

lovin that cute face

Carrie Cummings said...

Great news on the weight gain! I didn't mind going to the dr. office if it meant I could weigh them - they always told me that I could bring him in any time for a quick weigh-in, but I knew that if I did make a habit of it, I would become obsessive about it. Good news on the diaper leaking going away - that'll save you some laundry, won't it? Love, Carrie

Andrea Breaux said...

Too Cute! He is such a little doll! I hope all is well with you and little Burke! I miss seeing you and Greg every week or every other week too. We should get together again soon. We need to catch up. I'll call you sometime this week. Take Care girl!