Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Best Birthday Ever!

Today is my 34th Birthday! I can't believe I am 34! I really can't believe I am finally a Mommy! Every year I would cry and feel sorry for myself that I still didn't have a baby. I was another year older and still no baby. This year is just so wonderful! I do have my little baby, I am a mommy, my life is complete! We don't have a thing planned other than watch the KU basketball game at 2:00. Greg is bringing home Lupe Tortilla (my favorite) for me for supper. He offered to cook and do clean up, but I know his clean up doesn't fit my definition and I don't want to do anything today other than love on Burke and spend time with him and Greg and take a nap!! Greg got me the cutest card from Burke. I loved it and it made me feel so good to get a card on it that said "mommy". Have I mentioned how much I love being Burke's Mommy?!

Greg went back to work on Thursday. Burke and I had a good three days. Burke has his days and nights mixed up though and it is hard on me. I am so tired! I have never known tired like this! It is worth it though and I know it can't last forever...right?! Burke and I have enjoyed taking walks in the afternoon. I love to take him in his stroller! The weather has been beautiful here and Burke enjoys getting outside as much as I do. Our Pediatrician put the fear of God in us about Burke getting sick. So we are not going anywhere with Burke. And we are limiting visitors. For the most part Burke gets to go to the doctor's office and then back home until he is at least one month. I think I am being a bit freaky about it, but our Pediatrician said if he gets a fever he will be put in the hospital. We so don't want that! So going for walks has been great!

Burke is getting bigger! I put him in his coming home outfit and it fits so much better. He is still our little peanut, but he seems to be filling out a little. He eats about 3 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours. And even though I have felt bad about the formula I just couldn't give him enough breast milk to get him gaining weight. I already have that mother's guilt, but it has been a good decision for us. As soon as Burke started formula he started to gain weight.

So, today on my 34th Birthday I am just enjoying that I am finally a Mommy to the most adorable little boy that you ever did see! I hope you all have a great weekend.




Michelle said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday my friend! NO GUILT DO YOU HEAR ME, I breast fed all three of mine and I want you to know I breast fed Alyssa the longest (6 months) and she was the sickest of the bunch, allergies and asthma, Lena was hospitalized at 3 months for RSV and Shane was the healthiest he was nursed the shortest amount. I think it's great if you can but not the end of the world if you can' it! Now what is your next subject you need a lecture on, I'm waiting...ha!! Can't wait for Monday Mugshots!

Holly said...

What an awesome birthday present, lol!