Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boy, oh Boy!

Hi! I'll get right to the point! We made it home yesterday. We did a few things around the house and then we headed to my OB. My nurse asked if I had seen the Specialist and I informed her that I had to be rescheduled. She said, Dr. P may want to do an ultrasound since I am 20 weeks. She asked when I was rescheduled for and I told her on Thursday, but not to tell Dr. P, because if he knows that he may not do the ultrasound. She said let me do some talking to him. She came back giving me the all good sign. Then Dr. P came in and discussed how I was doing. He said when is your appt. with Dr. K? I said "next Thursday". Then out of no where I panicked thinking what if I tell him next Thursday and in actuallity it is this Thursday and it could harm the baby. You know having too many ultrasounds. Can that happen? My mind was racing. So, then I had to say, actually my appointment is this Thursday, my mind is mush! He said, no problem we will still do a quick peek!!!

Greg and I headed down to the ultrasound room. We were both so excited. I just knew though that they wouldn't be able to see, as you know we weren't supposed to find out today. I laid on the table, they put the wand to my belly, and boom to my surprise there was a little penis! WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!! Out of all the pictures I have seen this pregnancy, there was no doubt our little guy was very proud of his package and wanted to show it to his parents! Greg and I both had huge tears of pure joy and excitement! They took several other pictures including, his hands, feet, profile picture, and legs. Now, I must tell you that I knew I was having a boy! I had said since day one, I think this is a boy! I didn't tell anyone, but Greg, but I knew. Then yesterday on our drive home from Ft. Worth, I said to Greg, "I don't want to say this too loud as I don't want the baby to hear, but I secretly want a boy!"

There you have it...we are having a BOY! We went and bought some cute little outfits from Janie and Jack and that was so much fun! I'll post some pictures soon of the outfits! I've never bought boy clothes, except for my friend Sarah's baby boy! I come from a family of all girls. Then we headed to Pottery Barn Kids to get the final numbers on the nursery. I had been having a hard time deciding on the nursery. My sister was right, once I knew the sex of the baby it wasn't hard to decide at all.

What a wonderful day! We are so excited and happy! Our baby finally has a name and I will share it with you soon! I feel like I can really start preparing now. However, I can't sleep tonight. It is 4:00 a.m. and I have been up since 3:00. I just keep thinking about the baby!

We did come home to a mess of a pool though. Greg has some major work cut out for him. Luckily, our good friend Brian is coming over to help him today. Other than the pool being a swamp, our house did great. When we got home, all up and down our street people had drive ways full of trees. Our house on the front looked just like it did the day we left. We are blessed. The house feels dirty though, so I am doing some cleaning today and of course, I have to go buy all new groceries. The pool, groceries, and cleaning seems so small though. Life is so good. We are having a baby boy and we just couldn't be happier. We see the Speciaist on Thursday. Please pray that we get all good news. I just want to hear "your baby boy looks perfect...I'll settle for, "your baby boy looks fine"! I'll write more on Thursday.




Carrie Cummings said...

Alicia - I knew it too! How exciting! Congratulations!

Marcy said...

Yahoo!! A boy!! Congratulations!!