Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Weeks!

I decided to change the blog a little. What do you think? The colors of the University of Kansas are Crimson and Blue. I wanted to spruce things up a bit and what better color choices! I actually, wanted to pay to have our blog done professionally, but Greg thought that was ridiculous, so you all are just stuck with what I can do for free on Blogger.

We saw my OB on Monday. We most importantly got to see the baby. The baby was wiggling all over and raised its arm as to say, "hi mom and dad". I only cried for a moment this time...usually I cry through the whole thing. I wanted to really see the baby and you can't see if you are crying big tears! Our OB said "The baby looks perfect"! Just what we want to hear at every visit! We asked a few questions...I am quite certain our OB gets tired of all our questions, but we are first time parents, we are older, and we are SUPER excited!

I was very bummed though that we won't have another Ultrasound until week 20, when we go to downtown Houston to have a very "thorough" ultrasound. To me, being high risk, and having frequent ultrasounds was one of the perks to being classified as high risk. I guess, it is a good sign though, to not need them all the time. It sure was great seeing the little baby so often.

Our doctor said "you know this is a miracle baby don't you? Chronic hypertension, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polycystic Ovaries, and absolutely no fertility drugs. I said..."oh yes, we say every night that we have a miracle baby growing in me!!"

Until next week,



Carrie Cummings said...

I like the new look - especially the entries on the left side. Color choice leaves a little to be desired though - I was thinking maybe a charcoal grey background with orange and white text. Just kidding.

Marcy said...

LOVE the new look of the blog!! You can't go wrong with the good ol' crimson and blue!!!!

What an adorable picture of you and your little baby!!! I'm so happy for you!


michelle said...

I needed a smile today and this sure did it...perfect baby......

karin said...

ah, so cute already!
I will be high risk too, so thanks for pointing out the extra altrasounds! Those are so cool to me!
I like the changes you made~
see you next week!


Heather said...


So good to hear things are still going well. If you are interested drop me an email maybe I can teach you how to spruce up your blog. I did both of mine so I know you too can do it.


The Giffens said...

Just ran across your site while I was doing a search for the CCAA and wait times. We are adopting from China too, but have a loonnnnggg way to go as we are LID 1/11/08. Anyway, saw your most recent posts about wanting your blog to be professionally done, and thought I would send you this great site:
All free -- great site. Blessings to you and your miracle babies!