Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess who is 3 Months?!

Hello friends! I'm sorry it has been a while since I last updated. Blogging just isn't the same now that I have my little man. I would rather spend my time hanging out with him rather than typing on the computer. I hope you all understand! I am going to start updating once a month or so for now on. Of course, if there is something oh so cute that Burke has done or a fun picture I will post, but for now I will post only once a month.

Happy 3 Months Burkie! It is hard to believe you are already three months! You are so much fun and such a cutie pie. Here is what you are up to lately!

- You love your bath or so we think. When you get in the bath tub you become completely serious. I mean no smiles all business. You don't cry or fuss you just don't smile. It is so funny.

- You love to hang out in you room. In the evening if you are getting fussy I will take you to your room and lay you in your crib. You will smile and coo and just kick your legs. Very cute!

- You are smiling more and more and it is the cutest smile I ever did see. You really smile for Daddy.

- You are trying hard to giggle and squeal, but you can't do it quite yet. You have your mouth open and your smile on, but nothing comes out, but a little coo. Also super cute!

- You decided you don't like your Miracle Blanket anymore. You started kicking and struggling when we put you in it, so no more swaddling.

- You are still a little peanut. You wear size 1 diapers and you are just starting to outgrow your 0-3 month clothing. You weigh 12 pounds!

- You don't like to take naps in your crib. You would rather sleep on me. I love to have you sleep on me, but I don't get anything done!

- You are turning your head to the right more and more each day. You don't really like doing your Physical Therapy, but if you have your paci you will tolerate it.

-You are holding your head up very well. You like to be held and show off your neck muscles!

-You like to look over my shoulder. That is your favorite position

-Running water soothes you. I find myself running the water a little longer than I should, just because you like it.

-Your eyes are big and blue and gorgeous...we are pretty sure they are going to stay blue.

-You HATE tummy time! I mean you HATE it. You get so upset and I can't stand to see you this upset.

-You found your fist this week. You really like your fist to suck on, but it also frustrates you when you can't keep it in there.

-You love your Paci.

-You look just like Daddy. In fact, Grandpa Pete says, you don't look a thing like Mommy. Grandma says you have my nose though!

-You went and saw the Neurosurgeon last week. The doctor thinks you need to wear a helmet to help your head shape. Mommy is very sad about this, but it is only temporary and we wouldn't want you to go though life with a misshapen head!

-You like to sit outside! Yeah!

-You have NO schedule. This week Mommy is going to try to get you on a schedule. Please pray for me friends!

-You like to go on lunch dates with the girls. You are such a good date!

-You like car rides as long as we aren't in stop and go traffic. Which we are a lot of times in Houston.

-You had your first road trip to San Antonio for Easter weekend. You were a great little traveler. You slept the whole way! That is four hours for those not familiar with Texas.

-You went back to San Antonio this weekend.

-You don't sleep well at all at night. You used to, but just recently decided you don't want to.

-You never cry if Mommy can help it. People tell Mommy that you need to spend some time crying and I laugh and say "I waited 14 years for him and I'll do all I can to keep him from crying". I think that is why you aren't on a schedule, you don't sleep well in your crib, and you like to sleep on me! Oh well....

I am having a great time with Burke. I am so blessed to be a stay at home Mom. I wouldn't trade these days for anything! I love my little man so very much!

I hope you all have a great month! Enjoy the pictures!




Carrie said...

Burke is beautiful!!! And whoever told you he needs to cry is nuts. Pick him up and love on him every minute you possibly can. He will grow up knowing "My mommy loves me. I must be a great guy!!!" By the way, Haven is only 2 pounds heavier than Burke. Holy Moly!!!

Carrie Cummings said...

Thanks for the new post! I love that you jotted down all of his likes and dislikes - mommy brain will rob you of those memories if you don't jot them down - trust me! We like the lunch dates with Burke too - are we on for Joe's this week? Just let me know which day works for you!

Marcy said...

I love that cute picture of him sitting next to the monkey!!

Beth Ann said...

Your little guy is cute!! Glad you found my blog. Rock Chalk!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I like being able to read what is going on so that I can keep up! Burke is such a cutie and I really enjoy the pics!
-Dawn James