Monday, March 2, 2009

Mugshot Monday

Burke is 5 weeks already! He has been keeping me very busy, but I am enjoying every minute! The gas got worse last week and it broke my heart. I called our Pediatrician here and they suggested Mylicon and then Gripe Water. Neither worked. So on Saturday Mommy had it and made a call to our own private Pediatrician. Greg and I have a dear friend, Jinny, who is a big shot doctor, a Pediatrician, who is becoming a Neonatologist. She is simply amazing and has done so much! So Saturday I called Jinny and said "help". We made the decision to switch Burke's formula to a gentler one on his tummy. She told us it may not do a thing, but that it was worth a try. Although, I caution to say it is helping...we do think it is. Thank you Jinny!! We can't wait to see you this month!

Burke kind of has his nights and days mixed up again. We are not sure how this has happened, probably the gas. As the nights seem worse on his tummy. Hopefully we will get back on track.

Greg did his feedings on Saturday night and I slept horrible. I missed my little guy. So I think I will be doing his feedings for the most part. Greg is great help and does a great job with Burke, but I missed seeing Burke and couldn't wait for my feeding at 5:00. Crazy huh?!

We still don't take Burke out much. We took him to Chuy's last week and all the staff loved him! We ate at Chuy's the night I found out I was pregnant so it is a special place for us!

Burke is starting to have facial expressions when we talk to him. He is almost smiling! He had his first bath tub bath in his sling and he likes it. He is still a little fussy, but I know I am not a happy camper when my stomach hurts. Enjoy the pictures! Isn't he adorable?!


Michelle said...

too stinkin cute!

Carrie Cummings said...

Wow those are cute pictures - I like the one where he's flexing his muscles and wearing the I LOVE MOM onesie best. I'm so sorry to hear that he's still dealing with the gas, maybe this will be the right fix for it.

Anonymous said...

omg I am so happy! I have been thinking about you guys so often and finally sat down to stalk you! ;) your lil man is so cute! and just as I would have suspected you are awesome parents. But one thing if I may and you probably have tried these already but anyways....those bottles that have the straws I think they are called Dr. Browns or something and they are glass...they really do help alot with gassy tummies. my poor niece struggled alot with that too and it sucks! I love reading your posts I am sooo happy for you! Love ya Shannon

Valerie said...

Hello, Alicia!

Thank you for dropping by and leaving your kind comments. (I haven't had a chance to thoroughly puruse your blog, but from your title and bio I am guessing that you had a long wait to receive your beautiful blessing!) And Oh what a beautiful blessing he is!

After years of struggling with infertility we finally conceived our beautiful daughter thru IVF. Our son, Benjamin, was what they call a "bonus" baby...a total surprise and additional gift from God!

Enjoy every stinkin' minute with your little man...I know you will.

Blessings to you from Kansas.

P.S. Just have to say, so sorry that your Jayhawks had to leave the Big 12 tourney so soon...ha ha ha! I'm a Missouri Grad! Go Tiggers!!!