Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Burke is smiling!

I do not know how people keep up with their blogs. This blogging is getting harder by the week. I have this cute little boy who takes up my time and I don't like to do anything other than tend to him! Actually sometimes I enjoy getting on the computer but I find myself looking for baby clothes, burp clothes, pacifier clips, etc!

Burke is smiling!! Talk about melting my heart! It is an adorable smile and the pictures don't do it justice! He usually smiles after his bottle and when he is getting his diaper changed in our bedroom. He is so stinking cute!

Burke is now sleeping in his crib! No longer is he in his bassinet! This is HUGE for me as his bedroom is upstairs and ours is downstairs. Thank God for baby monitors. And for the fact that I am not a deep sleeper. I hear him more now that he is upstairs than I ever did right next to our room. He wakes up about once a night around 3:00 or so and then around 6:00. He is quite dependant upon his paci though and when it falls out he is not so happy!

And I had to include this picture. As I told you, Burke doesn't like blankets. He wants his "piggie's free", as my friend Wendy said. This afgan that his Great Aunt Barbara made him is just perfect for keeping his piggies free!

I have Poker tonight at my house so I must go, to get groceries bought and the house cleaned! Enjoy the pictures of my little sweety!




Michelle said...

You better keep up with this blog, I need Burke pictures!!

Carrie Cummings said...

Hope Poker was fun! Those pictures of Burke smiling are precious!!

Jen said...

OMG, I love that picture w/ his little toes poking out! He is growing sooo fast! Now you know why it's so hard to keep my blog updated! ha ha! I somehow managed to copy and past the HTML for mine, but it was from some Spanish speaking site so that is why the link to older posts is in Portugeuse or something! :)

Marcy said...

Those photos are SO cute!! I hope Burke is enjoying the NCAA tourney and watching his Jayhawks!!

Anonymous said...

He is so sweet!!
I would suggest trying to keep up with your blog as much as possible. It's a great record to look back on and read what's been going on. Not that you can't/won't remember, it's just nice to relive :)