Thursday, August 28, 2008

16 Weeks!!

Greg took pity on my blog and put a poll over on the right side of the page! So, be sure to vote!****

This has been the longest week I have had in a long time. That darn hurricane, Gustav, is making Greg's job crazy and he is working all the time. To make things worse he had a staff meeting last night. I have cabin fever big time! I am bored out of my mind. The good news is that we have an appointment set for September 15 with the Perineonatologist for my Level 2 Ultrasound! This is the big day when we will find out if we are having a boy or girl! We can't wait to know!

We saw my OB on Monday and things are progressing wonderfully! My nurse, Andrea was back and I was so happy to see her. I have seen her several times in the last year. I was always saying "I can't stand coming here seeing all these pregnant women". She was so kind. She didn't tell me until she was literally about to pop that she was one of those women. Oh boy, did I feel bad. I apologized profusely, but I still felt like a real idiot knowing I had said it so many times. Anyway, when I saw her I was so happy to see her. She said "I was looking through my list of pregnant people coming in this week and to my surprise I saw your name!" It was great seeing her and of course being so proud that I was finally pregnant!

I have officially started wearing maternity pants. I was miserable. I made it 16 weeks, well actually 15 weeks, but suddenly nothing around my waist felt comfortable. I hit the jackpot, with Heather giving me a TON of maternity clothes. However, none of them were shorts. And it is dang hot here still. I went shopping the other day and there are NO shorts left. I think there were a total of 15 shorts and 10 of them were smalls. The others were hochie mama shorts or basically capris on these short legs. So, no shorts for me, until I get desperate and cut the legs off a pair of the jeans Heather gave me!

So the big day is September 15! Greg and I can't wait to give our baby the name that we have picked out. It will be nice to say "him or her" rather than "the baby". I seriously don't know how people can wait to find out until the big day. Quite honestly, we just aren't that patient! People who can wait are amazing! Greg and I do not care what God gives us. We just can't wait to know! Let's vote and see what you all think we will have. I wish I knew how to set up a poll, but you all know I am not up to speed on those kinds of things. Just leave a comment on whether you think we are having a boy or girl. Also, you can always be anonymous and just sign your name at the bottom. I have been told that many people don't leave comments, because they don't want to register. So go ahead and just be anonymous.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I will be dreaming of going on a boat ride. I remind myself that next summer I will have a baby riding in the boat with me! Oh, won't that be wonderful!! If you have a boat, get out and enjoy it...for me!




Carrie Cummings said...

Alicia - I'm so glad to hear your appt went great! The next appt will be the most fun yet! I hope Gustav doesn't derail any plans you and Greg might have had for Labor Day (no pun intended - that's got to be bad train humor).

Marcy said...

Oooo, boy or girl....I can't wait to find out! Let's see...I'll guess boy! Glad to hear you are doing well!


Sooner Judds said...

I am so excited for you! Once you find out what you are having...the fun begins! Shop shop shop!!! Good thing Greg is working now...if u have a girl...he is in BIG trouble, they are expensive!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog b/c we have the same first name and although we have not begun, my husband and I have given much thought to adopting a baby girl from China.

Thank you for letting us strangers into your life and sharing a bit of yourself with us.

I vote girl or maybe boy. Hmmmm. I vote boy.