Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 weeks and a few of my favorite things

I am 15 weeks three days pregnant today! Yahoo! Tonight I am having my Poker group over and I should be cleaning and baking, but I can't get motivated. I don't think my friends will judge me if my house isn't least I hope they won't! Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order!

Some of my Favorite Things

1. Lawrence, Kansas in the Fall, on Campus, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt

2. Spending time with my family

3. Pizza

4. Going on long boat rides, packing a lunch, and hanging out in the sun for the day!

5. A clean house

6. Bikram Yoga...which I miss terribly

7. Thanksgiving...I should say I love Thanksgiving, because I love all the excitement following Thanksgiving. You know the shopping, decorating, baking, etc, to get ready for Christmas!

8. Kansas Basketball

9. Going out to eat

10. Going to the Zoo

11. there any other shoe? I know, not a fashion statement, but I love them!

12. Being pregnant!


Marcy said...

Ooo, I love the zoo! And I can't wait for jeans and sweatshirt weather!! C'mon, autumn!!


Carrie said...

I think that Birkenstocks are a Lawrence thing. I love them too. Lawrence in the fall definitely is awesome.

I would have to add old school Allen Field House(mid-90s) before they upgraded everything and seperated the students from the court to the list. Those were the days.

Laura S said...

You would love Victoria, BC...LAND of Birkenstocks... ;) tee hee