Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little about me...

After my post about starting my new jogging regiment I was pumped. I was going to become a runner! Little did I know that sometimes the best laid plans don't always work out! For those of you who don't know me that well, I will tell you that eight years ago I was going to college, at the most awesome school in the world the University of Kansas. I started having pain in my shoulder and hips. I thought "I sure am out of shape, this back pack is killing me". I had no insurance and there was NO way I could be sick. But this pain wouldn't go away. It started to spread. Like into my hands and wrist. What is this that is going on? Luckily, for Greg and I we worked for a Family Physician and of course he saw me for free. He did labs and said "you need to see a Rheumatologist". He gave me a lovely medication called Prednisone and in about a week I felt fabulous! So obviously nothing was wrong with me...right? Not so fast....after canceling my appointment with the Rheumatologist (I wasn't sick afterall) I continued to feel well for about two weeks. And then this ugly monster snuck up and wouldn't go away. My doctor wouldn't give me Prednisone due to the fact that he worried I would never go see the Rheumatologist. I remember that time and honestly I was barely able to move. It was ugly. Long story short...I found out at 25 years of age that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I guess you could say I was in complete denial. I was told on my first visit to the Rheumatolgist that I would start another lovely drug...Methotrexate and children were out of the question. Which totally blew all the plans Greg and I had. Our plan was to get an education and then start a family. Well Greg was to graduate that December and this was October. Getting pregnant in January suddenly wasn't going to happen. Denial came and didn't leave for two years. I was depressed, I gained weight, I just couldn't believe our luck.

That was eight years ago and wow has life changed. I have taken many medications for my RA. And finally found one that works well for me. RA is very different than Arthritis. It actually is an autoimmune disease that primarily attacks joints, but can attack organs..which is scary! I have great days where you would never know there is something wrong with me and then I have those days where I just never want to get out of bed. Luckily I have more great days now. But when I get out of bed I resemble an 80 year old woman.

So where is this going? I guess I wanted to tell you all why my running program failed. I made it to week two. And then it was horrible. My knees were on fire, my hips throbbed all night, and my ankles well that was just a nightmare. My joints were hot and red, and swollen. In eight years I have learned that when this happens it isn't good. Also, I must tell you that I proudly told my Rheumatologist about my newest adventure and he was far from impressed. He warned me this would probably not work...he didn't discourage me, but said he only has one patient that has the ability to run and her RA is very different than mine. RA varies from person to person. My RA has been pretty crazy at times. That is a different story. I will share it with you someday.

So there you have it I am not a runner. When Mr. Summerville, asked, during my 7th grade run, "what's your troubles bubbles," I should have said "someday when I am older I will have RA and running just won't be in the cards for me"! I am back to walking my three miles a day and am adding a few extra blocks a week. My RA still isn't back to normal, but I know it will settle down. It just takes time. If you don't have a cause to donate too please consider donating money to the Arthritis Foundation. The link is on this blog. My mother has Lupus (which is another autoimmune disease) so this disease is definately genetic in my book and most of the doctor's.

I hope I haven't bored you to death. I just wanted to let you know. Some of you were so supportive and I must say I am embarrassed that I failed. My good friend Jinny, sent me an email saying how I inspired her. Wow...that felt amazing, but on day five of my jogging journey my joints were already flaring. So I knew this post would be coming soon.

It is very hot in Houston...I mean HOT! We celebrated Greg's 33rd Birthday on Monday! I am five months older than him so it is nice when his Birthday finally rolls around!

We are enjoying a trip in Ft. Worth while Greg attends some meetings for work. We have been able to see some of our friends. Which is always fun!

I hope this finds you all doing well! I will post some pictures soon!

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Michelle said...

saw a post you made at another blog and wanted you to know I am praying for you!!!