Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More pictures of Kansas games!




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We had such a fun time! My sister and her husband got FREE tickets to the games. Lucky dogs. Anyway my sister was quite the trooper! She is VERY pregnant..due any day and she went. Her doctor said "you must really like basketball"! haha!

Have a great Tax Day!




Marcy said...

Woo-hoo!! KU rocks!!! We Jayhawks are the coolest, aren't we!! Love your blog!! Thank you for sharing with me!!


cristie said...

Hey Alicia!

How fun that you went to the Final Four. We live in S.A. - I think you may have known that - anyways, my hubby got invited by a client of his and so he too went. Neither of us a part of the fan group for either teams really but he had such an awesome time and said that the game was one of the most incredible in history! Looks like you guys had a blast too!~
Cristie Martine