Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kansas...National Champions! Go Kansas!

Greg and I had a wonderful time cheering our Jayhawks to a National Championship! We had such a fun time being at the games and cheering with the thousands of Kansas fans!

The Kansas vs. North Carolina game was a real treat! To those out there that thought the game was boring...well, you must not be a Kansas fan. That game was awesome. Our boys wiped the floor clean with the Tar Heels. We had many NC fans sitting by us, and let me tell you they were very quiet! Sweet Victory!

Going into the game on Monday I assumed Memphis wouldn't be a problem. Oh boy, was I wrong! I guess I should have known by the hurting they put on UCLA, but I was naive. When there was two minutes left and we were down by nine I thought "this is it, we are going to lose this game". Then Memphis didn't make their free throws and suddenly there was a chance.
Mario Chalmers....YOU ROCK!!! When he made the three pointer to tie up the game and we went into overtime I really knew then that the Jayhawks would win the title of National Champions!

We had such an amazing time! Greg has wanted to go to the Final Four since he was a child. I have to say there is no one I would rather have been at the games with than my husband Greg. Thank you Greg for such a wonderful time. You will always be my favorite Jayhawk, even though Mario is pretty high on the list!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! K!! U!!

More pictures to come...Alicia

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