Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April News

April has been a busy month for me. My sister, Heather, and I put on a 60th Birthday party for my dad. We spent about five days in Shell Knob, MO with my parents. My nieces did so wonderful on the road trip! Summer, who is four, watched her movies the whole way there. Lilly, who is one, did amazingly well too. I was very impressed! Ten hours in a car is pretty hard for me and I'm 32..I can't imagine being four! The party for Dad was great! We really surprised him! It is hard to believe though when your dad turns 60! I just don't see him being that old!!

While we were in Missouri we convinced my parents to come to our house. So they were here from last Wed until Sunday. Dad did some painting for me. He is the best painter. It is too bad though he has to correct so many of the mistakes that the other owners made. I know he isn't happy about it! Greg was able to take sometime off while they were here. That was nice.

We all went to a Crawfish Festival. And of course, we tried Crawfish for the first time. Can't say I love it. I like it in sauces but I'm not too into it when you have to pull that head off and work so hard for a piece of meat no bigger than your pinkie! Plus mine kept having the yellow gunk in them and I did NOT like seeing or tasting that!!
There is no news about our adoption. I wish so badly there was but there isn't. The only news is that the wait continues to grow longer. I almost hate typing that. It is very difficult for my heart. Please continue to pray for our adoption and that God will place a baby in our arms as soon as possible.

I hope this finds you all doing well. Take care.
Love, Alicia

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