Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas...a little late!

Hello Family and Friends,

I am sorry I am late posting this. I guess the season got away from me! I did get my cards out on time. I received several comments about my Christmas letter. The main one being that I am/was a Bah Hum Bug this year. Maybe I am/was just a little. There didn't seem to be a lot of good news this year. After rethinking about the year, I noticed I did have quite a full year!

In March my friend Lori came from North Dakota to visit for a weekend. She had never been to Texas and was not so in love with it. We did have a great time visiting the Fiesta store in Galveston, visiting Old Town Spring, and just catching up!

In April, my sister and I planned a 60th Surprise Birthday party for my dad. We really surprised him as he thought we just showed up for his Birthday. We had a about thirty people come to his party. We had several show up from Kansas, so that was great to have them! It was fantastic to see the surprise on my dad's face!

Then in May, my dear friend Elizabeth came to Houston for a scrapbooking weekend! Let me tell you, that is all we did! We did tons of scrapbooking and lots of chatting! It was wonderful to see her again!

Heather and the girls came June and July for a week of swimming in the pool. It was fun to watch Heather chase Lilly around the pool. Summer learned to swim and even learned to dive! Her Auntie was quite proud of her. She is only 5 years old!!

All of us girls also took a road trip in June to the lake. It was fun! Then in August Greg was able to take a week off and we went to the lake again! I guess we really love going to Table Rock Lake!!!

In September, we went to Fort Hood to see our wonderful friends Bill and Suzanne. We were named Ryan, Ben and Sarah's God Parents. What an honor! Suzanne and I have been friends since our time at Ft. Rucker together. Which was over ten years ago! It was great seeing them and catching up. Bill is an Apache pilot and left for Iraq in October. Please keep them in your prayers.

I went to San Antonio many times this year. My favorite visit had to be Halloween! I was able to see the girls for the big night and go out trick or treating with them. Summer was Jasmine and Lilly was a grape! They were very cute! We also found out that we are going to be an Auntie and Uncle Gregie again! My sister is pregnant with her third baby girl! She is due in May! Please keep her and the new baby in your prayers.

We have gone many times to the Gingerman, a local pub here with our adoption friends Carrie and Brian. We also have visited Chinatown several times. Not a place I am in love with...the food that is!!

Overall, it was a good year. It has been wonderful being back in a warmer area.

Greg and I had a different Christmas this year. I visited my sister and parents in San Antonio the weekend before Christmas. Then I came home to be with Greg for Christmas Eve and Day. It was different just him and I, but we made the best of it since he had to work. We spent Christmas evening at the neighbors having yummy enchiladas.

For those checking my site to see how much weight I've lost........drum roll please..........55 pounds!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2008!!!



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Laura said...

Hi Alicia! Thank you for sharing your blog with me....I can't believe how long you are having to wait to adopt a child! I am absolutely amazed (and appalled - I don't get why it's such a hassle.) I will certainly keep you and Greg in my prayers!