Sunday, May 20, 2007

Meeting others in the same boat

As many of you know I have had an extremely hard time making friends this time around in Texas. I have had many bad moments where I have cried my eyes out because none of my neighbors will even say hello to me. As many of you know Greg is about as solid as they come and then there is me. Well, Greg took pity on me and left a message on a China board asking if there was anyone in our area like us! You know the type: we live in a neighborhood full of children, we have a four bedroom house, we have a family car, and we stare in awe at others children. To our surprise, this nice lady Carrie emailed me and invited us to a Families with Children from China dinner. Of course, Greg and I jumped right in our car and went! We met some wonderful people and we are so excited to have met others like us! No one can understand our wait except for people who are waiting or have waited too. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to chat about our wait and see the beautiful children that are now with their forever family. So after last night I feel renewed like I can make this journey and I can stay in Texas even if my neighbors think I am weird for not having children!

I hope this finds you all having a great weekend. Greg's schedule has changed so now on Sunday afternoons he works. BUT he is now off EVERY Friday and Saturday. No more work 12 off two. Have a great week.

Love, Alicia

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